The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment

Review by Barbara Velure on November 29, 2017

Categories: Christian Living

Burroughs gives a very thorough treatment of Christian contentment seemingly leaving no stone unturned. As he unravels the mystery of contentment, he addresses it through the heart i.e. contentment does not come by adding to what you want but by subtracting from your desires and by changing evil into good.
Our circumstances are by the counsel of God who gives us grace to see His love in every affliction as well as in prosperity. When God is all in all, that is contentment! Further, when the soul is once absorbed with the things that are absolutely necessary, it won't be much troubled about other things.
The chapter on murmuring is especially insightful: those who say they are troubled by their sin are in reality troubled by its affliction.When the affliction is removed, they are no longer troubled by the sin. No affliction should come unexpectedly to a Christian; we should rejoice in the opportunity we have in our affliction to honor God.